Shopping in places you wouldn’t normally shop

A good friend is making some decent money by reselling clothing that she’s buying at thrift stores goodwill and anywhere that she can find it very cheaply. She doesn’t have to put all that much time into it either because she’s kind of got it down to an art. She has set herself up an eBay store have a lot of people that keep coming to her store to buy over and over. Through her experience she’s learned what types of clothing and articles are easy to resell compared to others.


By Alexandra Studios [Public domain or Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons
Amazingly a lot of her transactions include people buying from overseas. Apparently wives of service man are eager to buy clothes if they’re familiar with and she’s able to supply that to them. Also they probably got a much better deal than paying retail prices abroad. As a matter of fact that’s probably the biggest reason for her success. The prices are great. So what does she do?


Probably her biggest source is going to Goodwill once or twice a week. She is able to buy good quality used clothing at incredibly low prices. As I said earlier she has gotten good at figuring out what sells and what doesn’t and keep your eyes focused on those specific types of clothing. She has been so well with it that they’re able to take some trips, nice trips using the income from the side business. She often times hires a house sitter while they’re gone. She is comfortable using House Sitting Chandler, because they’ve been there for her and they have a good working relationship. They are a nice company because not only do they offer house sitting but they also offer pet sitting so if its just a short period of time there are there to take care of the pets and house sit. So there’s a lot of winners in this story, herself by making a profit from selling used clothing and also supporting a local business.


My wife has decided to take his business on also and actually really enjoys it. She actually does most of the work using her telephone, the work is involved in creating the listings on eBay. I would have thought that uploading the pictures to her computer and then putting all the information into eBay with the edited pictures would have been quicker but it turns out doing it all on the telephone has been plenty fast for her.


So not only does she enjoy the hunt for a bargain at the thrift stores and Goodwill but she also enjoys the hunt by going to garage sales. Depending on where you live these can be a great source of used items. But she is actually finding that they are often times a little higher in cost than going to the thrift store. She figures it’s probably because people have a hard time letting go of their own items and want to get more for them than there actually probably worth. Plus there’s a lot of competition around here at the garage sales.


She actually sees big pickup trucks with big racks driving around to the garage sales trying to locate a lot of inventory because their trucks are just loaded down and it’s clear that they’ve been to a lot of sales that day. We believe that much of this inventory ends up across the border for those that are less fortunate. To be honest it’s good to see that at least it’s being used and not just putting into a landfill.


Not only are these clothing resellers looking for deals and making money on used clothing but they also do so for footwear and jewelry. One friend bought a pair of nice women’s boots for $5 and turned around and sold them for $125 on eBay. Wouldn’t it be nice to find that deal every single day of the week or even twice a day? That would be a great market and you could actually make a living doing that but the reality is you can’t find that many good deals every day.


We wonder why those that are buying these clothes on eBay don’t just go to Goodwill themselves and buy them there. We don’t really know the answer as to why they don’t but as long as they’re happy to buy them from our store on eBay and then we will continue to do so. Maybe we should have make this information to public but it’s too late now.