Car Joys

Have you ever got to buy a new car?  Was it something that took a long time in the making like it is for most of us? It certainly a lot of fun to get into a new vehicle with that new car smell. No doubt about it it’s something we would all like to do more than we get to. Especially considering the fact that cars are getting to be such an incredible pieces of equipment.

New Car Day

The same thing goes for new trucks. I can’t believe how wonderful they are now compared to what they used to be. We own both a car and a truck and I much prefer driving the truck by a long shot. The car is easier to park no doubt and little bit more nimble but the truck just rides nice has a lot more room and you sit higher. It’s a real joy to drive it. It’s also a lot quieter I think because it’s so much bigger the tires are farther away from the cabin which probably helps. It likely has more sound proofing surrounding the cabin also. It’s just a lot better user experience driving the truck than the car until it comes to parking.


Then again these new trucks mostly come with really nice backup cameras and a big screen on the dash for you to see what’s going on precisely behind you.  There’s just no two ways about it they are a lot of fun. And when it comes to needing to throw stuff in the back it’s a piece of cake. In the car as we’ve had in the past you would have to fold down the back seat open the trunk and hope to fit whatever big thing it is that you’re trying to move in that space. Not so with my pickup truck it’s a piece of cake. I just throw whatever I want back there and take off. Then again one problem what does arise is weather. We live in a really hot area where the Sun is almost like and in a nuclear furnace. So if you have something that sensitive to the Sun and then maybe putting it in the back of the truck not the best idea.


We recently got to use a limo. Now that was a heck of a lot of fun. These vehicles are just incredible and insane what they’ve done to make them nice. We use the company called Mesa limo PHX for an airport shuttle and we were really happy with the service and the ride. A really top notch outfit which I can’t recommend enough.


Riding in a limo is about as luxurious as it gets. Not only are there refreshments inside but the leather and interior is just off the charts. The media and sound system and screens in there are top notch and cutting edge. What a lot of fun that was to use it.


I can’t imagine how much money it cost a limo owner to buy some of these vehicles. I guess that’s why riding in a limo is not necessarily the cheapest way to go. But then again if you’re going to an airport and you calculate the cost that it’s going to take to park your car there for any period of time it might make more sense to take a limo.  There’s absolutely no doubt that it’s a lot more comfortable taking a limo to the airport because they drop you off in the front and you don’t have to park the car and haul all your baggage from the parking lot. Here where it’s really hot sometimes taking that long walk in this intense heat is almost something that would cause a medical procedure. So it’s really nice to be dropped off right in the front with all of your luggage and you just put it on a cart and there you go, piece of cake.