Thrift Store Benefits

Thrift store seem to be a popular trend of days. And the various cities you visit you can find the store just about anywhere. Some have an aversion to shopping at a thrift store, based on the fact that someone else once used clothes and household items. I can understand that of version. If you think about the many times you have entered a department store, even a well known or high end, you have tried on clothing that has more likely has been tried on by others. Even if for a short moment, those clothes were on someone else’s body. So we go back to the subject of thrift stores and its benefits and you may now agree where previously worn clothing is almost the same thing.


There are many benefits to shopping a thrift store. You will also come to agree that many thrift stores even the well-known ones have many items donated from department stores along with previously owned clothing and household wares. In this article I will discuss my own benefit of shopping thrift stores over the years. Some of these benefits include how thrift store shopping on sale days satisfied my shopping craving, how it has helped financially and my family and how it can benefit the environment.


Starting off with satisfying a Shopaholic craving, when on a tight household budget you want to still have the opportunity for a little shopping spree every once in awhile. Department stores prices are not conducive to a budget friendly family. Yet, that doesn’t mean that you have to dress in such a way that looks outdated or even worn out. Thrift stores can be a successful treasure hunt when you find items that are name brand in excellent condition and were prematurely tossed out. For me personally, I have found and excitement in knowing that outfit that I wear usually is under $20. Which is tremendous savings in comparison to pre budget days. A number of the items I personally owned are almost brand new or hardly ever worn based on this condition. Items that I have found from my family are an amazing condition and very rarely damaged in any way. So the argument that you will not be able to find clothing items that are in good condition or like new condition is false, in the sense that the number of thrift stores especially popular ones receive a variety of clothing that are in absolute pristine condition.


The financial benefits of shopping at thrift stores has given the opportunity to save money in areas that would be difficult otherwise if stayed at department stores. On sale days at thrift store I can walk out of that store with up to four or five bags of gently worn clothing for less than 25 bucks. I can never recall a time that I have walked out of a department store with that many items for less money. I usually would get one item for 25 bucks. So an idea for thrift store shopping could be when you shop seasonally you will be able to find items that are readily available from past seasons.


With regards to thrift store shopping being in a benefit to the environment, you are saving cost that would incur along with chemicals and depletion of resources that are natural to our earth metal used to make the clothing we wear. Buying used clothing is just one way saving the natural resources we have left on this earth. Understandably designers create jobs another countries, but the amount of energy used to create a piece of clothing is great and taxing not only on the planet but also the human being sewing that item.  So for me personally, I feel I am doing my part for the majority of the pre- owned clothing I’ve purchased.


The search and find is a bit thrilling, especially when you arrive to shop on the biggest sales day of the week. I have found so many items for myself handling along with friends and even people I don’t know. So in a way I’m taking donations and donating, another words giving back.  Even finding specific items that you have desire to have is so invigorating. Especially when you find that item at a low price. We all like a deal every once in awhile, with thrift stores I just get a lot more deals then I would anywhere else. Not only have I clothe my family and myself but I have also been able to decorate my home, find gifts and organizational items that are in excellent or new condition.


So the next time you are pass a thrift store, stop on in and see what you can find.  Go on a treasure hunt and find you booty items.  You’ll be hooked after one shopping expedition.